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Chelsey Maus is a mix of Jessica Day and April Kepner come to life. She is a Minnesota native - don’tcha know - who grew up onstage performing in musicals. She even appeared in the U.S. premiere of Why Do You Stand There in the Rain? – a Fringe First winning Scottish play originated at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Whether she is singing or not, she brings the same energy and enthusiasm to every role she plays. She recently appeared as a comedic news reporter in the upcoming film The Other Side of Infinity and in ID Channel’s Murder in the Heartland


Her steely gaze and vivacious personality enable her to play the quirky best friend, the classic mean girl, and even the intense know-it-all. Despite her small frame at 5’4, she is fierce and could easily be seen as an overeager rookie cop. Chelsey enjoys comedic characters with large, quirky personalities. While an acting teacher once said, “she brings an element of humor into everything she does” Chelsey excels at intense yet vulnerable characters dramatically. 


Chelsey has studied under Anthony Meindl with Kyle David Pierce, Eric Gutierrez, and Jordan Shappell. She has also completed courses with Killian McHugh, The Groundlings, and at The AFA Studio. Her current vocal teacher is Greg Safel and she holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Pepperdine University. 

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