Well hello there! I'm Chelsey Maus don'tcha know!


Well hi there, I'm Chelsey Maus (pronounced mouse!) and as my acting teacher once said, "I bring an element of humor into everything I do." Or as my sister likes to proclaim, "You are so dramatic!" Which is probably why my all time favorite role I got to play was Lucinda (one of the ugly step-sisters) in Into the Woods. Why you might ask? Is it because I finally found a character that allowed me to explore the deep, dark depths of a human being's soul? NO! It's because I got to wear the biggest, brightest, most obnoxious pink dress 5 year-old Chelsey could only dream of wearing. Dreams really do come true everybody!   

In all honesty I love to laugh at life and see others do the same and I am off to a great start! I have had some incredible training at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop, Actors for Actors, The Groundlings, Killian's Commercial Workshop, The Commercial Class (Alyson Horn Casting + Ross Lacy Casting), and let's not forget about that B.A. in Theatre Arts from Pepperdine Unversity. I love to act both onstage and on-camera. Someday I hope to grace the stage as Penny in the musical Hairspray, but most importantly I'd like to be the next April Kepner on Grey's Anatomy or the next Jess on New Girl! Well maybe not exactly those since they are already taken, but you get the type I'm right for. 

Some other fun things about me are I was born and raised in a small town in Minnesota don'tcha know! Well yea sure you betcha! Do I really talk like that? Not really; I've been in California too long, but I can dig it out at any time you like. Another fun fact is I am rediscovering my love of running and biking. Hopefully I will soon be participating in 5K runs and maybe some day I'll work up the courage to train for a biathlon!

Though I live in Los Angeles right now, I am a true Minnesotan at heart. Therefore, I visit home as much as I can to participate in all the wonderful summer and winter activities! While in L.A. I try to keep a little piece of MN with me such as making tater-tot hotdish. If you don't know what hotdish is hit me up right here! That way we can discuss the wonders of Midwestern cuisine and how I can best fit all your casting needs:) 

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