• Chelsey Maus

Rag Doll: A Poem

Updated: May 28, 2020

Rag doll


Pieced together

Intended to be light and carefree and yet she is

Heavy and wet

Tattered, bit by bit

Tossed and thrown


Why does she feel so small?

Once whole and together she had felt invincible - Free

and now

Stomped on by the boots of your anger

She just feels



Like a rag doll

How can one person alone make you feel insignificant?

With words,

words as sharp as the icy wind across your cheek

It slaps just like the real thing

Words cut and words bruise

But she, she must heal

Picking up the pieces of her heart

Putting together the shards he scattered in the wind

Light comes again

The sun will always rise again

The darkness she was never fond of

She feels alone in the darkness

The light is where she was always meant to be

Sunshine feels like serenity

Sunshine feels like home

Sand, stone, and glass

The mosaic of her life

She didn’t like the pieces but when glued together the sun shines through

She becomes sand, stone, and glass

A mosaic of life - strength and healing, failing and falling

Light heals

Light grows

She chooses to live in the light

She makes that choice

Light will lead her life: the mosaic of her life

And she will be a rag doll no more.

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