• Chelsey Maus

How to Have Fun With Your Self-Tapes!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

If you’re like me you prefer to actually go into the audition room. I feed off of the energy. I think it is my background in theatre, because I love an audience when I perform! However, these days self-tapes are more and more common. So what is a girl like me supposed to do? The best way for me to have a little fun with my self-tapes is to add a dash of sass (see picture above). Grab your best friend, a red cup, and sip away! Seriously though, find a great friend who can make you laugh while you make the tape. It brings so much more joy to the process! An audition is an audition whether you are doing it from your bedroom or in front of a casting director. This year I proclaim to have more fun with my self-tapes and watch those bookings fall into place! 

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