• Chelsey Maus

2020 RECAP

2020! What a year! It started off with great intentions and well....you know the rest.

In February I was very excited to be cast in a play with Fuzzy Bottoms Theater Company. The play, Bones, was set to open in May but unfortunately due to COVID was moved to a virtual setting. We performed a Facebook Live Preview of the show and hope to one day put up the entire show live. Catch a recording of it here.

Then the pandemic hit and in the early days of lockdown I could be found like this....

But after some time passed and I adjusted to the new normal, I managed to do some cool things despite all the restrictions!

I took a road trip to Minnesota and bought a new Jeep!

I got new representation! Thanks Jackson Agency!

I booked a role on Investigation Discovery Channel's

"Murder in the Heartland".

I took new headshots with the one and only Vanie Poyey!

Ultimately, since many productions shut down for a large chunk of 2020, I spent most of my time focusing on training. I took classes at The Groundlings, AMAW, Actors for Actors studio, a Commercial Voiceover class, and even took a self-tape intensive! 2020 sure taught me a lot but I cannot wait for the new year and to see what roles will come my way in 2021!

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