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How to Set and Accomplish Your Acting Goals!

Updated: May 28, 2020

I’d like to talk about goal-setting today as an actor. Specifically, what I view as the importance of setting two goals at a time – one that will drive you forward professionally and another one unrelated to acting that you have complete control over. As an actor setting goals can be hard. I recently decided to get specific and set a goal to book a costar role on the show Superstore. The difficulty for an actor in setting a goal like this is that I have no control over whether I book a job or not. I don’t even have a lot of control over whether I get an audition or not. Yes there are things I can do to increase my chances of getting called in for an audition, but I still have to get chosen for one. I can’t show up to an audition just because I think I am perfect for the part. The creative team may not share the same marvelous vision as me!

With all this in mind I decided to set a second goal to focus on while I worked on booking that costar role! I set a goal to lose 10 pounds. I think it is extremely important for actors to set very specific goals that are related to booking work. You need career goals to use as a barometer for the actions you take on a daily basis to further your career. Your specific goals will tell you which casting directors you should develop relationships with. It will also tell you which classes to take. After a while of putting a lot of effort into my career, though, it can be really easy to get worn down if I don’t feel like I am seeing any results. As an actor this is a common occurrence. I can audition a lot and do postcard mailings and go to workshops with casting directors. I can do all the things I am “supposed” to be doing to further my career and yet I may not have tangible results to show off to anybody. Strengthening a relationship with a casting director, director, producer, or someone else in the entertainment industry can be a significant move forward in one's career, but I still can’t tell my parents to set their tv to record the show I’ve yet to book! If it doesn't seem to me that my hard work is being rewarded somehow, I can start to wonder why I am working so hard. What is the point of this if I don’t get something out of it?

But never fear! It is for precisely this reason that I set my weight loss goal because I have complete control over whether or not I accomplish it. As long as I get my butt out of bed to do the workouts and follow my nutrition plan, I will lose weight. If I don’t do the work, I won’t see the results – it’s that simple! Since I set both of these goals I have lost 6 pounds and 2 inches around my waist and I feel amazing! Sure some weeks I haven’t pushed myself as hard as I could in the workouts or sometimes I have cheated on my meal plan, but overall I have seen consistent results. Seeing the work I have done produce tangible changes on the scale helps keep me motivated while I work on my acting goal. No, I haven’t seen a lot of results yet from setting a goal to book a costar role on Superstore, but I must trust that the work I am putting in now will eventually pay off. The time line may just be longer than I would like. Therefore, I will continue to use the momentum I have gained from losing weight to keep me moving forward in my acting career one step at a time. Before I know it I will have that costar role on Superstore!

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