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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

About a month ago my agent and I decided it was time to update my headshots. The old ones didn't seem to be working for me anymore. My initial reaction was mostly one of anxiety. My headshots were not that old and I was overwhelmed by the process of picking a photographer, choosing looks, and then putting outfits together. Every step along the way I feared I would make the wrong choice (although there isn't really a right or wrong choice, but try telling my brain that!). My second reaction was actually excitement. I had been wanting to do something different with my hair for some time now and this was my chance to make a big change! Quick side bar I got my hair cut at Priscilla's Salon and they were amazing I would definitely recommend. Anyway back to the headshots.

Upon recommendations from my agent I decided to book a headshot appointment with Kat Tuohy. She was amazing! As I said I was very nervous to take new headshots (what if they turned out horrible or something!), but Kat put me at ease throughout the entire process. I requested a consult beforehand and although she does not do in-person meetings prior to the session, she happily spoke with me on the phone to reassure my excessive case of the nerves. Kat was a joy to work with. I appreciated that she truly cared about getting the best shot for me and not just about "taking my money". She even had an option to add slateshots to the headshot session. This was a great help to me because anything requiring filming stresses me out more than it should. It was nice to have a professional help take that off of my hands.

After I got the pictures back I could take a sigh of relief because I absolutely love them! Here are just a few of my favorites. Ironically I was really struggling with the 4th look and ended up liking those photos the most (stripe shirt and glasses). Those photos capture my personality the best and I cannot wait to start submitting and auditioning using them. Thanks Kat! Check out her website here.

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