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It’s Time For a Hoedown! Yeehaw!

Updated: May 28, 2020

This past weekend we had a small crowd at “Annie Oakley and the Princess Cafe” playing at the Santa Monica Playhouse on weekends now through the end of April. Book your tickets in advance here! On Saturday we had only two ladies in the audience. It was their own private viewing! During intermission they were apologizing to one of my costars saying they were sorry we had to do the show for only the two of them. We were not sorry at all, because those two ladies were some of the best audience members I have ever performed for. They had huge smiles glued to their faces the entire show. I have never seen such joy emanating from an audience member much less two! Those two had the best time watching us perform that afternoon. Since it is intended as a family show we try to get the audience to chime in with a boo or a yay depending on whether the villain or the heroine has done something. A smaller crowd means a smaller reaction typically, but these two made up for it with their high level of enthusiastic engagement. I already want to put on a good show for an audience, but these two ladies made me want to put on an even better show. I wanted those smiles and that joy to stay throughout the entire performance and it definitely did! 

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